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Amazon will not offer you any incentives or leaving a review on the site. In fact, Amazon doesn't allow sellers to offer buyers any incentives in exchange for good reviews. Or, the seller will get banned from Amazon and you will lose your review privilege. If you want to be a reviewer and review items for free, there are also some of the ways to do so. Check Facebook groups for reviews; join some review trader sites such asCashbackbase, Extremerebate, RebateKey....; build your own social channel and gain active fans., then sellers will come to you and offer items for you to reviews and share on your social media platform.

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you will have the opportunity to review  and change your purchase before checking out.


all pendants come on an 18" chain unless otherwise noted.


all components (findings) and silver beads are sterling silver. 



  this is a surprisingly beautiful small pendant that has an up-to-date, but feminine look.


bead created by:  mary lockwood glass art studio


this is the glass artist's original picture of the bead used in this pendant.   



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