What Customers Are Saying About Lone Bird Designs Jewelry


When I started making jewelry, I was having a wonderful time with all these cool beads!  But I quickly realized it was a very expensive habit - one that would require some "branching out" on my part!  I didn't know if I had anything much to offer to others - I mean, my jewelry was good enough for me, but would other people like it??  And I'm actually a rather quiet person...not the outgoing type who can boldly convince others to buy their ware.  That just isn't my style!  But necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes, and I had to either stop buying beads and making jewelry or sell most of the pieces I made (or not pay my bills, but that option was quickly rejected).

The "solution" for me was to start this on-line store.  However, there has been a benefit to taking this leap of faith (hey, for me it was a HUGE LEAP!!) and it's one that I had not anticipated.  People liked my jewelry, which was wonderful and exciting.  But even better, they enjoyed wearing the things I made!  It made them feel pretty and special and just a little bit pampered. 

I am a person who loves to encourage people and who wants to help others see their value and attain their goals and potential.  So to discover my jewelry made people feel good and made them feel special...this was the most wonderful outcome I could have possibly imagined!

As customers send in comments about my "stuff," with their permission, I will post what they have to say.   I am very grateful for these encouraging words people have sent back to me.  To me, making people happy is the greatest reward!


Wow!  I would like to tell you how much we have enjoyed wearing and giving your jewelry.  My daughters and I find it fun, exciting and of excellent quality.  People are always commenting about how beautiful the pieces are and how they are unusual and unique.  Depending of the color you are wearing, it brings out different colors in the beads.

It is jewelry for all ages and is very comfortable to wear.  It is not heavy and it is not too light.  I am very rough and have had no problem with the quality of Lone Bird Jewelry.

Kay R.

  I received my bracelet today and already have it on, it's absolutely beautiful! This is my new favorite bead bracelet.  Thank you for the wonderful note enclosed with my bracelet.

Nanette F.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and appeal of my necklace!  Your prices were so reasonable, I didn't realize I would be receiving such a lovely piece of jewelry.  I'm very glad to have found you and plan to return soon!

Jenny L.

  What fun!!!  This pendant made my day!  It's even prettier than it appeared, which is a great surprise, because I thought it looked fantastic in the picture.  I'm hooked!

Renee D.

I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from Lone Bird Designs.  The pieces are unique and so fashionable!  I purchased a pendant for my pastor's wife for Christmas and she loved it.  I purchased two pieces for a lady that was retiring and they were a hit.  And my daughter loves the set I bought for her!

What I like most about this jewelry is that there are no two that are alike, so when you purchase one, you know it is one of a kind.  And there are so many different styles and colors!  I'm a very satisfied customer and I'll be back! 

Sally F.


I wish to let you know that I am delighted with my jewelry set and they are drawing many admiring comments.  They certainly make me feel very special whenever I put them on. 


 Thank you and I shall check out your new additions regularly.   Look forward to purchasing from you again soon. 

All the best,   Mabel M.

  I just wanted you to know I have received my bracelet - Jangles - and just had to let you know how much I love it! I was a little disappointed to see the only other bracelets of a similar design had already been sold, so after contacting you and finding out you had just finished Jangles it seems like it was destined for me!   I'm sure I'll be buying your jewelry again.

Thanks again, Amanda M.

My jewelry arrived today, and I was not disappointed!  I thought it was beautiful in the pictures, but it is even more beautiful in person.  You are very talented.  Thank you so much!    

Susan L.



Thank you, Robin, for creating such extraordinary jewelry!  I am so pleased with every purchase I've made...and at this point, I've made quite a few!  Everything, from bracelets to earrings to pendants, is exceptionally well made.  But it's your artist's eye for color, texture, and design...and your selection of the absolute best artists' beads and components...that makes your jewelry truly extraordinary.  I would recommend your work to anyone and everyone!  

Cynthia G.



I could not be more pleased with my purchases from you.  It was indeed a pleasure working with you on the custom bracelet.  It is so refreshing working with a talented craftsman who follows through on every detail.  The quality of the work is excellent.  Thank you so very much for kindness and unending patience.  It will be my pleasure to continue to do business with you.

Elaine C.


After a recent tragedy, a dear friend of ours called upon Robin to create three perfect pendants to in honor of the parents we lost. Robin created beautiful reminders of those we love so much - those we lost, our fellow sisters on whom we lean and those like our friend and Robin who continue to care for us. Each is beautiful and fits each of us as though they were created specifically for us. That doesn't stop us from sharing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love, GFM, NMM, DEM


There are few things that are kept in our safe: Important documents. Irreplaceable heirlooms. Robin's jewelry. Unlike jewelry that comes in a "Robin's egg blue" box, boxes that come from Robin herself are even more valuable. Every piece is intricate and unique, utilizes beads and materials unparalleled in beauty created by the finest glass artists in the world and defines exemplary care and craftsmanship. With something in every price range and for every occasion, Robin's pieces are investments in art (art you can wear!)  We have worked on several projects together and it is as if she can read my mind - creating just what I needed . . . even when I didn't know what I wanted!

 I'm proud to wear her pieces and call her a friend. Yes, they belong in the safe because they are one-of-a-kind and stunning . . but once people see them, they'll want them for themselves -that's why they REALLY belong in the safe!"

Ellen O.