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born 9/11/2003

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dedicated to maddie - the best of the best; my faithful companion who filled my heart with joy and whose memory i treasure

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one of the reasons maddie was so special to me is because she has a story too.  she was a rescue and when she came to me, she was a few months under 2 years old.  at that age, she didn't know her name, didn't know how to play (you could get down on the floor with her and try to temp her with a toy, but she didn't even know what you were doing!) and had never been for a walk (she was scared to death the first time, but  by the third walk, she was having a blast).  when someone moved quickly, she was so frightened, she would immediately roll over and shoot a stream of urine through the air.  i've never seen a female dog do that, but that is extreme fear!  about 7 months after she had "joined the pack," she seemed to be experiencing pain, but we couldn't figure out the source of her discomfort.  the vet finally discovered that her neck was the source, having probably been damaged by beatings from her prior owners.  she eventually was in so much pain, she would either require neck surgery (think lots of money) or she would have to be put to sleep.  there was no option...she had the surgery, which was very successful.

though she had occasional flair-ups during her life, she did very well over the years.  i'm happy to report that she did learn how to play and she was a happy, friendly, feisty dog who was my faithful companion. she was the best dog i have ever had and she make it fun to come home every night after work!

schnauzer means "nose" and true to her roots, she loved to use that nose to sniff every square inch of "her" yard.  she lived in the house year round because schnauzers don't develop winter coats, nor do they shed.  but she still loved to go outside and see how many squirrels, rabbits, birds, raccoons or other critters dared to transgress on her property!

she also loved to "play" with the dog next door.  although he only barked at her, she was often found sitting by the fence, waiting hopefully for him to come over for a sniff.  when he did, she began a wild "dance" as she ran back and forth, bouncing and assuming the classic "let's play" position.  when he started barking at her, she would eventually start barking back.  but maddie was normally a very quiet little dog and she didn't have a high yappy voice.

although her face is partially hidden in the picture on the right, you can't miss the smile! i'm happy to be able to report  that the little dog who was beaten and mistreated had a home with me where she was loved and cherished.  and she loved me beyond measure, showing me a perfect example of unconditional love!  through the turmoil after my divorce, she gave me a reason to keep living because she needed me as much as i needed her!   so, here's to maddie, the best of the best; my faithful and treasured little furry friend!  i will never forget you, maddie.  i'll love you always. 

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my aunt is getting a new schnauzer...and isn't she adorable!!!  she will be picking her up at the end of july in texas and taking her back to st. louis to meet molly.  we're all looking forward to giving her lots of loving!


this is my brother, mark harsen, with two of their three siamese cats, princess and rusty (they are sisters!).  princes died just before christmas 2006 and rusty died in april 2006. my brother's wife, dorothy, joins the family portrait. this is little "hot wings," who earned her name due to her antics as a kitten.  or maybe it is because she can fly! (yes, she is sitting on top of the wall and that is a doorway you see below her.)

hot wings is very intent on winning this video game! there isn't anything better than an afternoon nap with a friend! this is mark & dorothy's newest cat, 'lil bit.  they say she's the sweetest cat they have ever had! this is coco, who belongs to a friend, carol.  he is hamming it up with the christmas decorations last year!  isn't he gorgeous!
this is maggie (a pekingese) the first night she came home to live with debbi & mike hackenson.  she was 3 months old and weighed 5 lbs. in this picture.  what a cutie! 



  my best friend, lisa isgrigg, was surprised by her husband, dale, not too long ago.  he came home with a huge bouquet of flowers...behind which he was hiding a 4 week old black lab / golden retriever mix puppy.  here he is with christa, their 7 year old daughter, who is very happy he has become part of the family!  his name is duke and he is the little black ball curled up by christa and the teddy bear. christa is holding a sleepy-looking duke who just can't quite smile for the camera.

update:  surprise!  duke turned out to be a duchess!!  her name is now lizzie.



this beautiful girl is bella and she belongs to rhonda harris (spanky's lampwork).  she looks like she's pretty happy and content, doesn't she? and this is the famous spanky, who is pictured on rhonda's logo.  sadly, spanky passed away in february 2004.  but as those of us who have had extra special pets know, they never really leave us because they have left their paw prints in our heart! i love this picture of kelli & koffee because it's so sweet.  kelli got koffee as a reward for keeping her grades up and is still maintaining her honor student status (way to go!).  i got to meet kelli, karsyn and their older sister, katie when i recently visited their parents, karl and krista tseu of 5 fish designs.  i confess i fell in love with the whole family and am missing them terribly!  kona and karsyn tseu are best of friends...which you can probably tell from this wonderful picture!  i think they could win a "people and their pets" contest, don't you?



this is luna, who belongs to a customer and new friend, susan.  luna is perfectly happy with the canadian weather where she lives...just look at that beautiful coat!! smudges is also a member of susan's family.  he is the oldest of her "fuzzies" at 14 years old, though he certainly doesn't look his age. charlie, aka chucky, belonged to susan's father before he passed away and they couldn't bear to let him go to the pound.  he is an affectionate and loving guy and has been a wonderful addition to the family.
  here's monroe...and who can resist that smile of pure joy!!!  he's a sweetie!



monroe and lizzy (above) belong to my friend wendy.  sometimes she brings them over so i can get my "love a dog" fix.  look at those adoring eyes.  who could resist such total love?    
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